If you’re in a heterosexual relationship who gets to be the warrior princess and who gets to be the bard?


超高校級のXX 【ネタバレ注意】 by ASK


Hey! Dorakyura’s mod, Adrian here. Also, here’s the obligatory link to my art blog.

Since we’ve reached 100 followers, I’ve decided to make a little art giveaway to celebrate this!!

Here are the rules:

  1. You don’t have to be following us, although it is preferred since it is a follower giveaway.
  2. Must be a Dangan Ronpa OC blog. No giveaway blogs etc.
  3. Your ask box must be open. I have to have means to contact you!
  4. DON’T LIKE THIS POST! Reblogs count, likes don’t. ONE reblog only - more than one reblog will disqualify you.
  5. The giveaway will end Jun 25th 5:00 PM EST. Please don’t reblog after that time.
  6. Winners will be selected randomly.
  7. If a winner is selected but can’t be contacted in 48 hours after the giveaway is over, a new winner will be selected. 


  • First place will get; 1 DR Style pinup of their chosen character, sprites (2 poses, 10 expressions each) of their chosen character.
  • Second place will get; Either sprites (2 poses, 5 expressions) or 1 DR Style pinup. Your choice.
  • Third place will get; 1 half body DR Style pinup.

Yeah! Good luck to you all!

Remember that you're super pretty and all your selfies rock!!

ahhhh cute. >:o


striped shirts are hard to draw
full suze



remember when the internet immortalized the picture of the couple kissing in the vancouver riots?

forget white people kissing in inappropriate places the only picture that belongs in the louvre is the picture of the man in the american flag shirt hurling a tear gas canister back while holding a chip bag in his other hand.


What’s his name ?? He needs to be remembered


im going to get strong muscles so i can carry the animals out of sea world and put them back in the ocean